Dramatic changes of optical nonlinearity and ultrafast dynamics of palladium nanoparticles caused by hydriding

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Ultrafast broadband optical limiting in simple pyrene-based molecules with high transmittance from visible to infrared regions

Z. Xiao, Y. Shi, R. Sun, J. Ge, Z. Li, Y. Fang, X. Wu, J. Yang, M. Zhao, and Y. Song, Journal of Materials Chemistry C 21 (4), 4647-4653 (2016).

Ultrafast excited-state dynamics of Ni-contained covalently bonded phthalocyanine–porphyrin conjugates

Z. Xiao, Z. Li, X. Wu, Y. Fang, G. Ao, J. Huang, D. Liu, Y. Wang, X. Zhang, and Y. Song, Dyes and Pigments 127, 197-203 (2016).

Optical nonlinearities and ultrafast all-optical switching of m-plane GaN in the near-infrared

Y. Fang, Z. Xiao, X. Wu, F. Zhou, J. Yang, Y. Yang, and Y. Song, Applied Physics Letters 25 (106), 251903 (2015).

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