Femtosecond Lasers

LIGHT CONVERSION has worldwide recognition for its industrial-grade Yb-based PHAROS and CARBIDE femtosecond lasers and FLINT femtosecond oscillators. The PHAROS series focuses on customizability, reliability, and process-tailored laser output parameters, with the most recent models providing down to 100 fs pulse duration and up to 4 mJ pulse energy. The CARBIDE series provides a compact industrial-grade design with air- and water-cooled models, the latter reaching 80 W output power and 2 mJ pulse energy while sustaining excellent long-term power stability and pulse-to-pulse energy stability. The FLINT oscillators extend the parameter range with the selection of 11, 20, 40, or 76 MHz repetition rate. Thus, all together cover a wide range of scientific, industrial, and medical applications.

Product Comparison Table
Product Maximum output power Maximum pulse energy Repetition rate Pulse duration Special features
20 W 4 mJ Single-shot – 1 MHz 100 fs – 20 ps CEP stabilization option
Repetition rate locking option
80 W 2 mJ Single-shot – 2 MHz 190 fs – 20 ps Compact footprint
Air- or water-cooled models
20 W 0.6 µJ 11, 20, 40, or 76 MHz 1) 40 fs – 170 fs CEP stabilization option
Repetition rate locking option
  1. For CEP and RRL applications one can also select FLINT-FL1 model with a precise repetition rate selection from 60 to 100 MHz.


  • 100 fs – 20 ps tunable pulse duration
  • 4 mJ maximum pulse energy
  • 20 W maximum output power
  • Single-shot – 1 MHz repetition rate
  • BiBurst
  • Automated harmonic generators (up to 5th harmonic)
  • 190 fs – 20 ps tunable pulse duration
  • 2 mJ maximum pulse energy
  • 80 W maximum output power
  • Single-shot – 2 MHz repetition rate
  • BiBurst
  • Air-cooled version
  • 11, 20, 40, or 76 MHz repetition rate
  • < 50 fs pulse duration
  • Up to 0.6 µJ pulse energy
  • Up to 20 W output power
  • Industrial-grade design
  • Burst-in-burst capability – BiBurst
  • 1 kHz – 2 MHz carrier frequency
  • 190 fs – 20 ps tunable pulse duration
  • Adjustable intra-burst amplitude slope
  • Adjustable number of pulses in GHz and MHz burst
  • Tunable or fixed-wavelength models
  • Industrial-grade design
  • Plug-and-play installation and user-friendly operation
  • Single-shot – 2 MHz repetition rate
  • Up to 40 W pump power
  • < 100 fs pulse duration
  • 515 nm, 343 nm, 257 nm, or 206 nm output
  • Automated harmonic selection
  • Mounted directly on the laser head
  • Industrial-grade design
  • 515 nm, 343 nm, or 257 nm output
  • Automated harmonic selection
  • Mounted directly on the laser head
  • Industrial-grade design
  • 30 W UV model option
  • 515 nm output
  • Automated harmonic selection
  • Integrated into the system
  • Industrial-grade design
  • Simultaneous or separate oscillator output
  • Uncompressed laser output
  • Seeding by an external oscillator
  • Beam-splitting options

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