Ultrafast Spectroscopy Systems

The HARPIA ultrafast spectroscopy system performs a variety of sophisticated time-resolved spectroscopic measurements in a compact footprint. It offers an intuitive user experience and easy day-to-day maintenance, meeting the needs of today’s scientific applications.

The HARPIA-TA is a transient absorption spectroscopy system. Extension modules and customization options tailor the HARPIA system to specific measurement needs. In particular, it can be expanded using time-correlated single-photon counting and fluorescence upconversion (HARPIA-TF), third beam delivery (HARPIA-TB), and microscopy (HARPIA-MM) modules. HARPIA is designed for easy switching between measurement modes and comes with dedicated data acquisition and analysis software. Each module is contained in a monolithic aluminum body, ensuring excellent optical stability and minimal optical path lengths.

The HARPIA-TG is a novel transient grating spectroscopy system dedicated to the measurement of the diffusion coefficient and carrier lifetime. The fully automated and computer-controlled system enables the measurement in a matter of minutes.

HARPIA Application Table
Main unit 1) Module 1) Application 2)
HARPIA-TA logo Transient absorption and reflection in bulk mode
HARPIA microscopy module logo Transient absorption and reflection in microscopy mode
HARPIA-TB logo Multi-pulse transient absorption and reflection
Femtosecond stimulated Raman scattering (FSRS)
Z-scan kit
HARPIA-TF logo Kerr gate / Fluorescence upconversion
Fluorescence lifetime TCSPC
Transient grating spectroscopy
Single-wavelength transient absorption
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  2. See ultrafast spectroscopy applications for more information.
  • Excellent performance at a high repetition rate
  • Measurement range from UV to MIR
  • Market-leading sensitivity
  • Modules for time-resolved, and multi-pulse experiments
  • High-level automation in a compact footprint
  • Carrier diffusion coefficient in a matter of minutes!
  • Non-invasive measurement technique
  • Fully automated and computer controlled
  • Continuous setting of grating period
  • Sensitivity down to µJ/cm² excitation level

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