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CARBIDE CB3 - 40W + CBM03-2H-4H Harmonics module User Manual

User manual for the CARBIDE-CB3 - 40W laser system, equipped with a CBM03-2H-4H harmonics module.

Rev. 27/10/2023. Size 27.82 MB.

CARBIDE CB3 - 80W User Manual

User manual for the CARBIDE-CB3 - 80W laser system

Rev. 25/10/2023. Size 25.28 MB.

PHAROS PH2 BiBurst User Manual

User manual for PHAROS-PH2 BiBurst laser systems.

Rev. 09/05/2022. Size 22.80 MB.

TOPAS-Prime User Manual

User manual for TOPAS-Prime collinear Optical Parametric Amplifier (OPA)

Rev. 2020-10. Size 3.98 MB.

ORPHEUS User Manual

User manual for ORPHEUS OPA.

Rev. 2022-05-11. Size 2.87 MB.

GECO-V2 User Manual

User manual for GECO-V2 scanning autocorrelator (devices manufactured from Dec 2017).

Rev. 2020-10-8. Size 16.91 MB.

HARPIA User Manual

User manual for HARPIA Comprehensive Spectroscopy System

Rev. 2024-02-27. Size 27.26 MB.

CarpetView Demo

Ultrafast Spectroscopy Data Analysis Application


  • Save and export functions do not work
  • The number of compartments in global/target analysis is limited to 3
  • Session time is limited to 15 minutes

This is a stand-alone version: no installation is required, just copy files into user-writeable folder and run the executable.

Rev. Size 39.73 MB.

FLINT User Application

For FLINT-FL2 oscillators and FLINT-FL1 from 2022-05

Rev. Rel. 08/12/2023. Size 42.1 MB.

Laser Service Application

Laser Service Application Setup file. 

Version 1.44.0. (Change log)

Rev. 11/04/2023. Size 79.49 MB.

CARBIDE Developer's pack (for GHI based lasers)

Package contains:

  • CARBIDE GHI Emulator;
  • Code examples;
  • CARBIDE GHI Developers guide.
  • Localized REST Help page.

Rev. 22/02/2024. Size 55.47 MB.

WinTopas-4 Software for ORPHEUS and TOPAS OPAs

Link to WinTopas-4 OPA control software download and information page.

Rev. see ChangeLog.

PHAROS User Application

For Single‐unit integrated femtosecond laser system PHAROS-PH1. Version 3.20.4.

Rev. 27/02/2024. Size 73.45 MB.

PHAROS PH2 Developer's guide

User manual for developers, describing REST control for PH2.

Rev. 20/04/2022. Size 2.40 MB.

Beam alignment system performance

White paper.

Rev. 04/06/2020. Size 2.02 MB.


STEP file

Rev. 2021-12-13. Size 2.72 MB.


STEP file

Rev. 2021-02-03. Size 4.09 MB.

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