Dramatic changes of optical nonlinearity and ultrafast dynamics of palladium nanoparticles caused by hydriding

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Growing Ultra-flat Organic Films on Graphene with a Face-on Stacking via Moderate Molecule-Substrate Interaction

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Linear and Nonlinear Absorption Properties of Diamond-Like Carbon Doped With Cu Nanoparticles

D. Peckus, T. Tamulevičius, A. Meškinis, A. Tamulevičienė, A. Vasiliauskas, O. Ulčinas, V. Gulbinas, and S. Tamulevičius, Plasmonics 1 (12), 47-58 (2016).

Spindle-Type Conjugated Compounds Containing Twistacene Unit: Synthesis and Ultrafast Broadband Reverse Saturable Absorption

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The origin of efficient triplet state population in sulfur-substituted nucleobases

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Ultrafast broadband optical limiting in simple pyrene-based molecules with high transmittance from visible to infrared regions

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Ultrafast Optical Modulation of Second- and Third-Harmonic Generation from Cut-Disk-Based Metasurfaces

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