Impact of electronegative character on ultrafast nonlinear optical absorption of azine derivatives

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Low-Threshold Light Amplification in Bifluorene Single Crystals: Role of the Trap States

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Origin of Improved Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting in Mixed Perovskite Oxides

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The remarkable enhancement of two-photon absorption in pyrene based chalcone derivatives

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Twistacene contained molecule for optical nonlinearity: Excited-state based negative refraction and optical limiting

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Twisted Intramolecular Charge Transfer States in Trinary Star-Shaped Triphenylamine-Based Compounds

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Ultrafast Broad-Band Optical Limiting in Simple Hydrazone Derivatives with a Π-Conjugated System: Effect of Two-Photon-Induced Singlet-State Absorption

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Hot Electron Emission Can Lead to Damping of Optomechanical Modes in Core–Shell Ag@TiO2 Nanocubes

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Impact of carrier localization and diffusion on photoluminescence in highly excited cyan and green InGaN LED structures

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