Ultrafast Vibrational Cooling Inside of a Molecular Container

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Unusual near infrared (NIR) fluorescent palladium(ii) macrocyclic complexes containing M–C bonds with bioimaging capability

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Vibrational Cooling in Oligomeric Viologens of Different Sizes and Topologies

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Visible-to-Ultraviolet Upconversion Efficiency above 10% Sensitized by Quantum-Confined Perovskite Nanocrystals

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A ferrocene$∩$europium assembly showing phototriggered anticancer activity and fluorescent modality imaging

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D-π-A type conjugated pyrene derivatives: Third-order nonlinear absorption and excited-state dynamics

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Effect of fullerene acceptor on the performance of solar cells based on PffBT4T-2OD

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Engineered exciton diffusion length enhances device efficiency in small molecule photovoltaics

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Exciton diffusion in bifluorene single crystals studied by light induced transient grating technique

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