Isoenergetic two-photon excitation enhances solvent-to-solute excited-state proton transfer

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Low energy excited state vibrations revealed in conjugated copolymer PCDTBT

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Photophysics, morphology and device performances correlation on non-fullerene acceptor based binary and ternary solar cells

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Regulating the Packing of Non-Fullerene Acceptors via Multiple Noncovalent Interactions for Enhancing the Performance of Organic Solar Cells

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Spontaneous Exciton Dissociation at Organic Semiconductor Interfaces Facilitated by the Orientation of the Delocalized Electron–Hole Wavefunction

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Structural distortion and electron redistribution in dual-emitting gold nanoclusters

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Sub-Picosecond Optical Response of Metals Due to Non-Thermalized Electron Dynamics

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Ultrafast Optical Generation of Coherent Bright and Dark Surface Phonon Polaritons in Nanowires

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Vibronic coherence contributes to photocurrent generation in organic semiconductor heterojunction diodes

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Visible pump–mid infrared pump–broadband probe: Development and characterization of a three-pulse setup for single-shot ultrafast spectroscopy at 50 kHz

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