Mesoscale laser 3D printing

L. Jonušauskas, D. Gailevičius, S. Rekštytė, T. Baldacchini, S. Juodkazis, and M. Malinauskas, Optics Express 11 (27), 15205 (2019).

Photoinitiator Free Resins Composed of Plant-Derived Monomers for the Optical µ-3D Printing of Thermosets

M. Lebedevaite, J. Ostrauskaite, E. Skliutas, and M. Malinauskas, Polymers 1 (11), 116 (2019).

Dot-Matrix Hologram Rendering Algorithm and its Validation through Direct Laser Interference Patterning

T. Tamulevičius, M. Juodėnas, T. Klinavičius, A. Paulauskas, K. Jankauskas, A. Ostreika, A. Žutautas, and S. Tamulevičius, Scientific Reports 1 (8) (2018).

Transferring the entatic-state principle to copper photochemistry

B. Dicke, A. Hoffmann, J. Stanek, M. S. Rampp, B. Grimm‑Lebsanft, F. Biebl, D. Rukser, B. Maerz, D. Göries, M. Naumova et al., Nature Chemistry 3 (10), 355-362 (2018).

Four-Dimensional Ultrafast Electron Microscopy: Insights into an Emerging Technique

A. Adhikari, J. K. Eliason, J. Sun, R. Bose, D. J. Flannigan, and O. F. Mohammed, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 1 (9), 3-16 (2017).

Multistep Photoluminescence Decay Reveals Dissociation of Geminate Charge Pairs in Organolead Trihalide Perovskites

R. Augulis, M. Franckevičius, V. Abramavičius, D. Abramavičius, S. M. Zakeeruddin, M. Grätzel, and V. Gulbinas, Advanced Energy Materials 17 (7), 1700405 (2017).

Optically Clear and Resilient Free-Form µ-Optics 3D-Printed via Ultrafast Laser Lithography

L. Jonušauskas, D. Gailevičius, L. Mikoliūnaitė, D. Sakalauskas, S. Šakirzanovas, S. Juodkazis, and M. Malinauskas, Materials 1 (10), 12 (2017).

Ultrafast dynamics of carriers and nonlinear refractive index in bulk polycrystalline diamond

B. Zhang, S. Liu, X. Wu, T. Yi, Y. Fang, J. Zhang, Q. Zhong, X. Peng, X. Liu, and Y. Song, Optik 130, 1073-1079 (2017).

Ultrafast electron microscopy integrated with a direct electron detection camera

Y. M. Lee, Y. J. Kim, Y. Kim, and O. Kwon, Structural Dynamics 4 (4), 044023 (2017).

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