Synergistic Engineering of Substituents and Backbones on Donor Polymers: Toward Terpolymer Design of High-Performance Polymer Solar Cells

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Thermal and Humidity Stability of Mixed Spacer Cations 2D Perovskite Solar Cells

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Time-Resolved Raman Spectroscopy of Polaron Formation in a Polymer Photocatalyst

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Transient absorption with a femtosecond tunable excitation pump reveals the emission kinetics of color centers in amorphous silica

V. D. Michele, A. Sciortino, F. Messina, M. Cannas, A. Boukenter, E. Marin, S. Girard, and Y. Ouerdane, Optics Letters 7 (46), 1736 (2021).

Understanding of Photophysical Processes in DIO Additive-Treated PTB7:PC71BM Solar Cells

X. Su, R. Hu, G. Wen, X. Zou, M. Qing, J. Peng, X. He, and W. Zhang, 9 (11), 1139 (2021).

Ytterbium-Doped CsPbCl3 Quantum Cutters for Near-Infrared Light-Emitting Diodes

H. Huang, R. Li, S. Jin, Z. Li, P. Huang, J. Hong, S. Du, W. Zheng, X. Chen, and D. Chen, 29 (13), 34561-34571 (2021).







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