Twisted Intramolecular Charge Transfer States in Trinary Star-Shaped Triphenylamine-Based Compounds

D. Peckus, T. Matulaitis, M. Franckevičius, V. Mimaitė, T. Tamulevičius, J. Simokaitienė, D. Volyniuk, V. Gulbinas, S. Tamulevičius, and J. V. Gražulevičius, The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 12 (122), 3218-3226 (2018).

Ultrafast Broad-Band Optical Limiting in Simple Hydrazone Derivatives with a Π-Conjugated System: Effect of Two-Photon-Induced Singlet-State Absorption

J. Jia, X. Wu, Y. Fang, J. Yang, X. Guo, Q. Xu, Y. Han, and Y. Song, The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 28 (122), 16234-16241 (2018).

Hot Electron Emission Can Lead to Damping of Optomechanical Modes in Core–Shell Ag@TiO2 Nanocubes

D. Peckus, H. Rong, L. Stankevičius, M. Juodėnas, S. Tamulevičius, T. Tamulevičius, and J. Henzie, The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 43 (121), 24159-24167 (2017).

Impact of carrier localization and diffusion on photoluminescence in highly excited cyan and green InGaN LED structures

K. Nomeika, R. Aleksiejūnas, S. Miasojedovas, R. Tomašiūnas, K. Jarašiūnas, I. Pietzonka, M. Strassburg, and H. J. Lugauer, Journal of Luminescence 188, 301-306 (2017).

Influence of growth temperature on carrier localization in InGaN/GaN MQWs with strongly redshifted emission band

J. Mickevičius, D. Dobrovolskas, R. Aleksiejūnas, K. Nomeika, T. Grinys, A. Kadys, and G. Tamulaitis, Journal of Crystal Growth 459, 173-177 (2017).

Intermolecular states in organic dye dispersions: excimers vs. aggregates

A. J. Musser, S. K. Rajendran, K. Georgiou, L. Gai, R. T. Grant, Z. Shen, M. Cavazzini, A. Ruseckas, G. A. Turnbull, I. D. W. Samuel et al., Journal of Materials Chemistry C 33 (5), 8380-8389 (2017).

Ultrafast all-optical modulation in Fe-doped GaN at 1.31 and 1.55 µm with high contrast and ultralow power

Y. Fang, J. Yang, Z. Xiao, J. Zhang, Y. Chen, Q. Wu, and Y. Song, Applied Physics Letters 16 (110), 161902 (2017).

Ultrafast carrier dynamics in type-II ZnO-SnO heterostructure thin films

Z. Li, H. Cao, A. Song, L. Liang, X. Wu, J. Yang, and Y. Song, Applied Physics Letters 17 (110), 172102 (2017).

Bifluorene Single Crystals with Extremely Low-Threshold Amplified Spontaneous Emission

G. Kreiza, P. Baronas, E. Radiunas, P. Adomėnas, O. Adomėnienė, K. Kazlauskas, J. Ribierre, C. Adachi, and S. Juršėnas, Advanced Optical Materials 5 (5), 1600823 (2016).

Linear and Nonlinear Absorption Properties of Diamond-Like Carbon Doped With Cu Nanoparticles

D. Peckus, T. Tamulevičius, A. Meškinis, A. Tamulevičienė, A. Vasiliauskas, O. Ulčinas, V. Gulbinas, and S. Tamulevičius, Plasmonics 1 (12), 47-58 (2016).



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