Optically-Thin Broadband Graphene-Membrane Photodetector

T. Moein, D. Gailevičius, T. Katkus, S. H. Ng, S. Lundgaard, D. J. Moss, H. Kurt, V. Mizeikis, K. Staliūnas, M. Malinauskas et al., Nanomaterials 3 (10), 407 (2020).

Optimizing Performance and Operational Stability of CsPbI3 Quantum-Dot-Based Light-Emitting Diodes by Interface Engineering

K. M. M. Salim, E. Hassanabadi, S. Masi, A. F. Gualdrón‑Reyes, M. Franckevicius, A. Devižis, V. Gulbinas, A. Fakharuddin, and I. Mora‑Seró, ACS Applied Electronic Materials 8 (2), 2525-2534 (2020).

Robust Binding of Disulfide-Substituted Rhenium Bipyridyl Complexes for CO2 Reduction on Gold Electrodes

M. Cattaneo, F. Guo, H. R. Kelly, P. E. Videla, L. Kiefer, S. Gebre, A. Ge, Q. Liu, S. Wu, T. Lian et al., Frontiers in Chemistry 8 (2020).

Tailoring of Silver Nanoparticle Size Distributions in Hydrogenated Amorphous Diamond-Like Carbon Nanocomposite Thin Films by Direct Femtosecond Laser Interference Patterning

A. Jurkevičiūtė, G. Klimaitė, T. Tamulevičius, J. Fiutowski, H. Rubahn, and S. Tamulevičius, Advanced Engineering Materials 3 (22), 1900951 (2020).

Ultralow-loss geometric phase and polarization shaping by ultrafast laser writing in silica glass

M. Sakakura, Y. Lei, L. Wang, Y. Yu, and P. G. Kazansky, Light: Science & Applications 1 (9) (2020).

10-million-elements-per-second printing of infrared-resonant plasmonic arrays by multiplexed laser pulses

D. Pavlov, S. Gurbatov, S. I. Kudryashov, P. A. Danilov, A. P. Porfirev, S. N. Khonina, O. B. Vitrik, S. A. Kulinich, M. Lapine, and A. A. Kuchmizhak, Optics Letters 2 (44), 283 (2019).

Expanding the Light Harvesting of CsPbI2Br to Near Infrared by Integrating with Organic Bulk Heterojunction for Efficient and Stable Solar Cells

Q. Guo, Y. Bai, K. Lang, Z. Yu, T. Hayat, A. Alsaedi, E. Zhou, and Z. Tan, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 41 (11), 37991-37998 (2019).

Incoherent phonon population and exciton-exciton annihilation dynamics in monolayer WS2 revealed by time-resolved Resonance Raman scattering

S. Han, C. Boguschewski, Y. Gao, L. Xiao, J. Zhu, and P. H. M. van Loosdrecht, Optics Express 21 (27), 29949 (2019).

Long-range ballistic propagation of carriers in methylammonium lead iodide perovskite thin films

J. Sung, C. Schnedermann, L. Ni, A. Sadhanala, R. Y. S. Chen, C. Cho, L. Priest, J. M. Lim, H. Kim, B. Monserrat et al., Nature Physics 2 (16), 171-176 (2019).

Mesoscale laser 3D printing

L. Jonušauskas, D. Gailevičius, S. Rekštytė, T. Baldacchini, S. Juodkazis, and M. Malinauskas, Optics Express 11 (27), 15205 (2019).

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