Compact high-flux X-ray source based on irradiation of solid targets by gigahertz and megahertz bursts of femtosecond laser pulses

L. Rimkus, I. Stasevičius, M. Barkauskas, L. Giniūnas, V. Barkauskas, S. Butkus, and M. Vengris, Optics Continuum 8 (1), 1819 (2022).

Taking a snapshot of the triplet excited state of an OLED organometallic luminophore using X-rays

G. Smolentsev, C. J. Milne, A. Guda, K. Haldrup, J. Szlachetko, N. Azzaroli, C. Cirelli, G. Knopp, R. Bohinc, S. Menzi et al., Nature Communications 1 (11) (2020).

X-ray pulse emission of alkali metal halide salts irradiated by femtosecond laser pulses

A. Koroliov, J. Reklaitis, K. Varsockaja, D. Germanas, A. Plukis, and V. Remeikis, Applied Physics B 9 (126) (2020).

Structural dynamics upon photoexcitation-induced charge transfer in a dicopper(i)–disulfide complex

M. Naumova, D. Khakhulin, M. Rebarz, M. Rohrmüller, B. Dicke, M. Biednov, A. Britz, S. Espinoza, B. Grimm‑Lebsanft, M. Kloz et al., Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 9 (20), 6274-6286 (2018).

Generation of plasma X-ray sources via high repetition rate femtosecond laser pulses

A. Baguckis, A. Plukis, J. Reklaitis, V. Remeikis, L. Giniūnas, and M. Vengris, Applied Physics B 12 (123) (2017).

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