Comparison of growth interruption and temperature variation impact on emission efficiency in blue InGaN/GaN MQWs

J. Mickevičius, K. Nomeika, M. Dmukauskas, A. Kadys, S. Nargelas, and R. Aleksiejūnas, Vacuum 183, 109871 (2021).

Direct observation of large electron–phonon interaction effect on phonon heat transport

J. Zhou, H. D. Shin, K. Chen, B. Song, R. A. Duncan, Q. Xu, A. A. Maznev, K. A. Nelson, and G. Chen, Nature Communications 1 (11) (2020).

Impact of Alloy-Disorder-Induced Localization on Hole Diffusion in Highly Excited c -Plane and m -Plane ( In , Ga ) N Quantum Wells

R. Aleksiejūnas, K. Nomeika, O. Kravcov, S. Nargelas, L. Kuritzky, C. Lynsky, S. Nakamura, C. Weisbuch, and J. S. Speck, Physical Review Applied 5 (14) (2020).

Extreme radiation resistance in InN

Y. Podlipskas, J. Jurkevičius, A. Kadys, M. Kolenda, V. Kovalevskij, D. Dobrovolskas, R. Aleksiejūnas, and G. Tamulaitis, Journal of Alloys and Compounds 789, 48-55 (2019).

Direct Auger recombination and density-dependent hole diffusion in InN

R. Aleksiejūnas, Y. Podlipskas, S. Nargelas, A. Kadys, M. Kolenda, K. Nomeika, J. Mickevičius, and G. Tamulaitis, Scientific Reports 1 (8) (2018).

Exciton diffusion in bifluorene single crystals studied by light induced transient grating technique

P. Baronas, P. Ščajev, V. Čerkasovas, G. Kreiza, P. Adomėnas, O. Adomėnienė, K. Kazlauskas, C. Adachi, and S. Juršėnas, Applied Physics Letters 3 (112), 033302 (2018).

Impact of carrier localization and diffusion on photoluminescence in highly excited cyan and green InGaN LED structures

K. Nomeika, R. Aleksiejūnas, S. Miasojedovas, R. Tomašiūnas, K. Jarašiūnas, I. Pietzonka, M. Strassburg, and H. J. Lugauer, Journal of Luminescence 188, 301-306 (2017).

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