Label-free imaging of age-related cardiac structural changes in non-human primates using multiphoton nonlinear microscopy

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NIR-to-NIR Imaging: Extended Excitation Up to 2.2 µm Using Harmonic Nanoparticles with a Tunable hIGh EneRgy (TIGER) Widefield Microscope

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Probing valley population imbalance in transition metal dichalcogenides via temperature-dependent second harmonic generation imaging

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Strained Epitaxy of Monolayer Transition Metal Dichalcogenides for Wrinkle Arrays

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Imaging the Heterogeneity of the Oxygen Evolution Reaction on Gold Electrodes Operando: Activity is Highly Local

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Neural stem cell delivery via porous collagen scaffolds promotes neuronal differentiation and locomotion recovery in spinal cord injury

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NeuroExaminer: an all-glass microfluidic device for whole-brain in vivo imaging in zebrafish

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Precise Holographic Manipulation of Olfactory Circuits Reveals Coding Features Determining Perceptual Detection

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