Optical Parametric Amplifiers for Ti:Sapphire Lasers

TOPAS is a series of femtosecond optical parametric amplifiers (OPAs) for Ti:Sapphire lasers which delivers continuous wavelength tunability from 189 nm to 20 μm, high conversion efficiency, high output stability, and full computer control.

With more than 2000 units installed worldwide, TOPAS has become an OPA market leader for numerous scientific applications. TOPAS can be pumped by Ti:Sapphire lasers with pulse duration from 20 fs to 200 fs and pulse energy from 15 μJ to 60 mJ. Custom solutions beyond the given specifications are available; contact sales@lightcon.com for more details.

Product Comparison Table
Product 1) Pump pulse energy Pump  pulse duration Tuning range Output pulse duration Maximum repetition rate Special features
0.15 – 5 mJ 2) 20 – 200 fs 189 nm – 20 µm 30 – 150 fs 20 kHz Cost effective
5 – 60 mJ 2) Highest energy
0.15 – 4 mJ 3) Two OPAs in a single housing
0.3 – 4 mJ 240 nm – 10 µm 1 – 5 ps Conversion from fs to ps 
0.2 – 5 mJ 1 – 4 ps 189 nm – 20 µm 0.8 – 4 ps Picosecond operation
  1. Custom solutions are available, contact sales@lightcon.com for details.
  2. Maximum pump pulse energy depends on pump pulse duration.
  3. For a single OPA, maximum pump pulse energy depends on pump pulse duration.
  • 189 nm – 20 μm tuning range
  • Up to 5 mJ pump pulse energy
  • > 25% conversion efficiency
  • CEP stabilization of Idler
  • 189 nm – 20 μm tuning range
  • Up to 60 mJ pump pulse energy
  • Up to 50% conversion efficiency
  • CEP stabilization of Idler
  • Two independently tunable outputs
  • 240 nm – 20 μm tuning range, in each channel
  • > 25% conversion efficiency
  • High output stability
  • Femtosecond pulse conversion to < 20 cm-1 spectral bandwidth
  • 240 nm – 10 μm tuning range
  • Up to 4 mJ pump pulse energy
  • High output stability
  • 1 – 4 ps pulse duration
  • 189 nm – 20 μm tuning range
  • Up to 5 mJ pump pulse energy
  • > 25% conversion efficiency

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