Harmonic Generators

PHAROS and CARBIDE lasers, as well as FLINT oscillators, can be equipped with modules for a high-efficiency harmonic generation. This includes industrial-grade harmonic generators (HGs), automated and fully integrated into the system, and HIRO, a free-standing module offering simultaneous outputs, thus more fitting to scientific applications. Furthermore, the selection includes SHBC, dedicated to the conversion of narrow-bandwidth picosecond pulses from the broadband output of femtosecond lasers.

Product Comparison Table
Product Design Harmonic generation Harmonic selection Maximum pump power Output pulse duration Special features
PHAROS HG logo Integrated Up to 5H Automated 80 W 90 – 300 fs Industrial-grade design
CARBIDE-HG logo 1)

Up to 5H

80 W 150 – 300 fs


20 W 50 – 170 fs
HIRO logo
Free-standing Up to 5H Manual 80 W 90 – 300 fs Customizable or high energy and power models
Simultaneous outputs
Optional white light generation
HIRO logo
Up to 4H 4 W 50 – 170 fs
SHBC logo


n/a 40 W 2 – 4 ps Narrow-bandwidth (down to < 2 cm-1)
  1. Industrial-grade 50 W UV model is also available; see specifications.
  • 515 nm, 343 nm, 257 nm, or 206 nm output
  • Automated harmonic selection
  • Mounted directly on the laser head
  • Industrial-grade design
  • 515 nm, 343 nm, or 257 nm output
  • Automated harmonic selection
  • Mounted directly on the laser head
  • Industrial-grade design
  • 50 W UV model
  • 515 nm output
  • Automated harmonic selection
  • Integrated into the system
  • Industrial-grade design
  • 515 nm, 343 nm, 258 nm, and 206 nm outputs
  • Simple selection of active harmonic
  • Simultaneous or switchable outputs
  • Models for PHAROS / CARBIDE and FLINT
  • 515 nm output
  • Picosecond pulses from femtosecond pump
  • < 10 cm⁻¹ or < 2 cm⁻¹ spectral bandwidth
  • Compact footprint

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