High-Repetition-Rate Lasers FLINT Lasers

  • Repetition rate from 10 to 100 MHz
  • Down to 50 fs pulse duration
  • High-power models, up to 20 W
  • High-energy energy models, up to 0.6 µJ
  • Industrial-grade design for high output stability
  • CEP stabilization or repetition rate locking


  • Repetition rate from 10 to 100 MHz
  • Down to 50 fs pulse duration
  • High-power models, up to 20 W
  • High-energy energy models, up to 0.6 µJ
  • Industrial-grade design for high output stability
  • CEP stabilization or repetition rate locking

FLINT is a series of Yb-based femtosecond oscillators providing state-of-the-art output parameters. Backed by the proven industrial-grade design that is the core of the PHAROS and CARBIDE laser series, FLINT oscillators ensure excellent performance and stability over a long time.

The latest FLINT-FL2 oscillators offer output power of up to 20 W, pulse energy of up to 0.6 µJ, and pulse duration of down to 50 fs at the repetition rate of 11, 20, 40, or 76 MHz. Also, the second harmonic is available with an automated and fully integrated harmonic generator, while the third and fourth harmonic is obtainable with an external harmonic generator. The FLINT-FL1 oscillators support carrier-envelope phase (CEP) stabilization or repetition rate locking (RRL) to an external source with the repetition rate selection from 60 to 100 MHz. FLINT models come in standard and short-pulse (SP) configurations to fit the needs of most industrial and scientific applications.

Model FL1 FL2-SP FL2
Key feature RRL or CEP Compact footprint Short pulse High power and high energy
Pulse duration 1) < 100 fs < 120 fs < 50 fs < 120 fs < 170 fs
Repetition rate 60 – 100 MHz 2) 11 MHz 20 MHz 40 MHz 76 MHz 11 MHz 20 MHz 40 MHz 76 MHz
Maximum output power 1 W 2 W 8 W 5 W 7 W 20 W
Maximum pulse energy 13 nJ 3) 26 nJ 3) 105 nJ 3) 440 nJ 250 nJ 125 nJ 65 nJ 0.6 µJ 0.35 µJ 0.5 µJ 0.26 µJ
Center wavelength 1035 ± 10 nm 1030 ± 3 nm 1035 ± 10 nm 1030 ± 10 nm 1026 ± 2 nm
Polarization Linear, horizontal
Beam quality, M² < 1.2 < 1.3 < 1.2
Beam pointing stability < 10 µrad/°C
Pulse-to-pulse energy stability, 24 h 4) < 0.5%
Long-term power stability, 100 h 4) < 0.5%
Integrated 2H generator 5) n/a Optional; conversion efficiency > 30%
External 2H, 3H, or 4H generator 5) Optional, refer to HIRO for FLINT
Integrated attenuator n/a Included
  1. Models with shorter pulse duration available upon request.
  2. Standard repetition rate is 76 MHz; custom repetition rate can be selected from the given range.
  3. Depends on repetition rate. Approximate values are given for 76 MHz.
  4. With enabled power-lock, under stable. Expressed as NRMSD (normalized root mean squared deviation).
  5. For external 2H, or even 3H and 4H generation, refer to HIRO for FLINT.
Model FL1 FL2-SP FL2
Laser head (L × W × H) 430 × 197 × 114 mm 542 × 322 × 146 mm
Power supply and chiller rack (L × W × H) 642 × 553 × 540 mm 642 × 553 × 673 mm
Chiller Different options available. Contact sales@lightcon.com
Model FL1 FL2-SP FL2
Operating temperature 15 – 30 ºC (air conditioning recommended)
Relative humidity < 80% (non condensing)
Electrical requirements 100 V AC, 7 A – 240 V AC, 3 A; 50 – 60 Hz 100 V AC, 12 A – 240 V AC, 5 A; 50 – 60 Hz
Rated power 200 W
Power consumption 100 W 150 W

Power consumption 200 W 800 W

FLINT oscillators equipped with an automated second harmonic generator (HG) provide a selection of fundamental (1H) or second harmonic (2H) outputs using software control. The HG is fully integrated into the industrial-grade system.

In case fundamental and second harmonic outputs are required simultaneously or higher harmonics are required, then HIRO harmonic generator is the solution.

FLINT oscillators can be equipped with feedback electronics for carrier-envelope phase (CEP) stabilization of the output pulses. The carrier-envelope offset (CEO) of the oscillator is actively locked to 1/4th of the repetition rate with a <100 mrad standard deviation.

FLINT oscillators are customizable for repetition rate locking applications. Coupled with the necessary feedback electronics, the repetition rate can be synchronized to an external RF source using the two piezo stages installed inside the cavity.

The repetition rate locking system can assure an integrated timing jitter of less than 200 fs for RF reference frequencies larger than 500 MHz. Continuous phase shifting is available on request.

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