19 August, 2022
19 Aug, 2022

Third year in a row: Honored in LFW Innovators Awards 2022

Laser Focus World Innovators Awards 2022 have announced HARPIA-TG transient grating spectrometer and PHAROS-UP femtosecond laser among the best innovations of the year by gold and silver medals, respectively. The honorees were selected by an esteemed and experienced panel of judges from the optics and photonics community.


HARPIA-TG transient grating spectrometer was announced as the Gold Honoree that recognizes an excellent innovation making a substantial improvement over the previous methods employed, approaches taken, or systems used.

The HARPIA-TG transient grating spectrometer enables carrier diffusion coefficient and carrier lifetime measurements. It is based on a laser-induced transient grating technique; thus, it is completely optical and does not require contact bonding or additional doping. Accordingly, the device has a high potential in the semiconductor market.

The team led by Kipras Redeckas and Karolis Neimontas combined their extensive experience in mechanical and optical engineering of industrial-grade femtosecond lasers and optical parametric amplifiers to design and manufacture the commercial transient grating spectrometer.

‘It is a great honor to see the work recognized by this award,’ said Kipras Redeckas, also he added ‘It would not be possible without our colleagues in Vilnius University, Dr. Ramūnas Aleksiejūnas, and Dr. Saulius Nargelas, who have been using the methodology for decades and provided continuous support in the development of this device.’

HARPIA transient grating spectrometer - Laser Focus World Gold Honoree
Dr. Kipras Redeckas next to HARPIA transient grating spectrometer that received Gold Honoree in Laser Focus World Innovation Awards 2022


A new model PHAROS-UP for the PHAROS Yb-based femtosecond laser series was announced as a Silver Honoree. Marking its 15-year anniversary last year, the PHAROS laser series continues to evolve and now offers sub-100 fs pulse duration.

In general, PHAROS femtosecond lasers combine multi-millijoule pulse energy and high average power. PHAROS features a mechanical and optical design optimized for both scientific and industrial applications. A compact, thermally stabilized, and sealed design enables PHAROS integration into various optical setups and machining workstations.

Laser product manager Aurimas Augus notes that PHAROS-UP with sub-100 fs pulse duration right at the output without the need of external pulse compression provides an alternative to the Ti:Sapphire class of lasers. While the repetition rate of Ti:Sapphire lasers is limited to a few kHz, PHAROS-UP can work up to a MHz, significantly increasing the throughput of both scientific and industrial applications.

For more information, read Laser Focus World announcement.

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