23 March, 2020
23 Mar, 2020

Statement for customers and partners

Dear customers and partners,

LIGHT CONVERSION is attentively monitoring developments surrounding the coronavirus and is aware of the responsibility we have as an employer and business partner to deal with the current situation. The health of our employees and customers are our top priority and at the same time, we do not forget that you have a legitimate interest in receiving your deliveries on time so your contact persons can be reached as usual.

In March 2020 LIGHT CONVERSION established robust protocols for safety, cleaning, and medical screening, and we are working closely with local communities and health authorities to ensure safe workplace environments.

LIGHT CONVERSION has robust business-continuity plans in place, so we can maintain our production lines. Manufacturing is operating at normal capacity. Shift changing time is increased, social distancing is in practice, all employees are wearing a medical mask and comply with hygiene requirements.

LIGHT CONVERSION has an inventory of goods for ongoing operations, and production avoided significant disturbances. We are seeing some delays on transportation of goods within Europe due to the imposed border controls, but goods continue to flow freely within the region.

A critical part of company responsibility today is ensuring sufficient supply. With regard to the supply of components, we are working closely with our suppliers to ensure any potential disruption is promptly identified.

Our Sales and Customer Service team members are increasingly working from home. In order to provide optimal performance and support, and if you have an enquiry about a specific order, please feel free to contact LIGHT CONVERSION or our distributors with any question or request you have:

Sales:    sales@lightcon.com
OPA Support:    support@lightcon.com
Lasers Support:    lasers@lightcon.com

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