21 June, 2023
21 Jun, 2023

Release of the compact 50 W UV femtosecond laser

LIGHT CONVERSION will introduce the 50 W ultraviolet (UV) femtosecond laser at the Laser World of Photonics (LWOP) trade show next week. As indicated by its name, the CARBIDE-CB3-50W-UV laser is based on a market-proven industrial-grade CARBIDE laser platform. It emits 500 fs pulses at a 343 nm wavelength and fits into the footprint of 84 × 35 cm, making it the most compact 50 W UV femtosecond laser currently available in the market.

“We are happy to bring in the high-power femtosecond UV laser. It has not only maintained the footprint of the CARBIDE laser with standard harmonics but also the stability, which is key in the long run,” said Domas Baliukonis, the laser product manager at LIGHT CONVERSION. “Furthermore, the beam quality is quite exceptional considering the power level at this spectral range.”

50W UV femtosecond laser CARBIDE-CB3-50W-UV
50W UV femtosecond laser CARBIDE-CB3-50W-UV

The CARBIDE-CB3-50W-UV ensures long-term performance without the need for user intervention. The high power comes with the advantage of splitting the beam into multiple parts, thereby parallelizing the micromachining processes and subsequently increasing throughput. The CARBIDE platform ensures simple integration into industrial 24/7 workstations.

The CARBIDE-CB3-50W-UV is introduced alongside the CARBIDE-CB3-120W IR laser mode with a 1030 nm output, offering 120 W average power at up to a 2 MHz repetition rate. Both models open up new possibilities in a range of applications, such as ablation, dicing, and material modification for semiconductors, consumer electronics, luxury goods, and other industries.

Meet us and see the CARBIDE-CB3-50W-UV live at booth #A2.403!

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