01 April, 2022
01 Apr, 2022

PHAROS now with sub-100 fs pulse duration

LIGHT CONVERSION has announced a release of a new model for the PHAROS Yb-based femtosecond laser series. Marking a 15-year anniversary last year, the PHAROS laser series continues to evolve and now offers a PHAROS-UP model with sub-100 fs output. Such a model expands the capabilities in a variety of micromachining applications as well as scientific applications such as spectroscopy, high energy physics, and other ingenious applications yet to be defined.

An alternative class of lasers (Ti:sapphire) can also achieve sub-100 fs pulses, yet the repetition rate of such systems is limited to a few kHz, while PHAROS-UP can work up to MHz, significantly increasing the throughput of the applications.

PHAROS-PH2-UP femtosecond laser with integrated harmonic generator

In summary, PHAROS-UP model offers the following key features:

  • < 100 fs pulse duration, tunable up to 10 ps
  • > 20 W maximum output power
  • > 0.4 mJ maximum pulse energy, higher available on request
  • Single-shot – 1 MHz repetition rate
  • Pulse picker for pulse-on-demand mode
  • Dimensions same as for standard models
  • Automated harmonic generators
  • Exceptional output stability  

In addition, following the PHAROS-UP femtosecond laser, LIGHT CONVERSION has released optical parametric amplifiers optimized for this ultrashort pulse model. ORPHEUS-ONE-UP enable wavelength tunability in the NIR-MIR spectral ranges, respectively, while sustaining high conversion efficiency and high output stability.

For more information visit PHAROS webpage or contact sales@lightcon.com.

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