11 November, 2020
11 Nov, 2020

PHAROS announced as the winner in China

PHAROS is a well-evaluated femtosecond laser. Twenty-six well-known experts in the industry and science select and award the products. PHAROS stands out from a total of 217 registered products and has been nominated as a winner.

“THE HALO AWARDS” is jointly organized by the Organizing Committee of “China Optics Valley” International Optoelectronic Expo and forum, Shanghai Yitong Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. and China Laser Magazine.

This year’s evaluation committee consists of the honorary chairman of the committee Professor Dianyuan Fan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The members of the presidium are Professor Zhigang Zhang from Peking University, Professor Xiao Zhu from Huazhong University of science and technology, and Professor Hu Minglie from Tianjin University. The remaining members are also experts in the field of laser light sources.

PHAROS – a decade of stable operation at industrial sites and still counting

PHAROS is a well-evaluated femtosecond laser, which combines millijoule pulse energies and high average powers. The laser features a mechanical and optical design optimized for industrial applications such as precise material processing and allows quick and seamless PHAROS integration into machining workstations. Laser diodes pumping a Yb medium significantly reduce maintenance costs and provide a long laser lifetime. The flexibility of PHAROS allows the system to cover applications normally requiring different classes of lasers. Tunable parameters include pulse duration (190 fs – 20 ps), repetition rate (single pulse to 1 MHz), pulse energy (up to 2 mJ) and average power (up to 20 W). Its power level is sufficient for most material processing applications at high machining speeds. The built‑in pulse picker allows convenient control of the laser output in pulse‑on‑demand mode. Due to the robust optomechanical design and thermal stabilization, the PHAROS laser system features stable laser operation across varying environments.

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