07 June, 2021
07 Jun, 2021

Our publication database is now available!

LIGHT CONVERSION has released a publication database featuring the latest peer-reviewed articles, conference proceedings, and books published by our customers: https://lightcon.com/resources/publications/.

The PUBLICATION DATABASE consists of scientific peer-reviewed articles, conference proceedings, and books by our customers. The publications can be filtered using an extensive list of scientific and industrial applications as well as by our products, so our users can find the proper references for their specific needs.

According to our application engineer Dr. Jonas Berzinš: “For us, it is extremely important to follow our customers’ research and, in parallel, work collaboratively to advance the field of ultrafast laser technology.” He added: “We are glad to share their success stories!”

The publication database is continuously updated. Should you have suggestions or questions, do not hesitate to contact us at: sales@lightcon.com.

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