28 September, 2021
28 Sep, 2021

Optical parametric amplifier ORPHEUS-MIR honored by Innovators Awards

Broad-bandwidth mid-IR optical parametric amplifier ORPHEUS-MIR by LIGHT CONVERSION was judged among the best by the 2021 Laser Focus World Innovators Awards that recognize the most innovative solutions in optics and photonics products and systems. 

A highly esteemed and experienced panel of judges from the optics and photonics community recognized ORPHEUS-MIR – the broadly tunable mid-IR laser source – as a Gold honoree. A Gold-level Innovators Award recipient has made a substantial improvement over previous methods employed, approaches taken, or products/systems used.

“We are truly excited to see ORPHEUS-MIR recognized as being at the forefront of innovation. Our aim was to develop a novel tool that would provide new research opportunities in the mid-IR wavelength range. LIGHT CONVERSION’s product now redefines the limits of broadband mid-IR femtosecond solutions. I cannot wait to see what new possibilities ORPHEUS-MIR will open up for our customers”, says one of the developers, LIGHT CONVERSION R&D engineer Karolis Jurkus.

Rimantas Budriūnas, another ORPHEUS-MIR creator and LIGHT CONVERSION R&D engineer, added: “Until we developed ORPHEUS-MIR, customers seeking mid-IR pulses were – unnecessarily – forced to choose between the broad bandwidth and short pulse durations provided by Ti:Sapphire lasers coupled to LIGHT CONVERSION TOPAS parametric amplifiers, and the high average power, high pulse repetition rates and operational convenience and reliability provided by our line of Yb-based lasers. Now we can offer both advantages simultaneously, closing the parameter gap. Furthermore, the development of ORPHEUS-MIR was a great learning experience, as it led us to challenge some of our assumptions about the generation of mid-IR pulses, and ultimately gave us a better understanding of the physics involved. It also gave us a better understanding of the tools required to work with these pulses, which led to the development of other products. In the end, developing ORPHEUS-MIR was a rich experience with far-reaching implications”. 

Optical parametric amplifier ORPHEUS-MIR

ORPHEUS-MIR is a versatile system optimized for the efficient generation of broadband mid-IR pulses. The system provides broadband pulses with bandwidth up to and exceeding 800 cm-1 in the tuning range of 2500 – 10000 nm, and reaches up to 15000 nm with optional narrowband extension. ORPHEUS-MIR architecture is well-suited for high-energy and high-power PHAROS and CARBIDE lasers. Intense ultrashort broadband pulses in mid-IR perfectly suit a number of scientific applications, including, but not limited to, broadband vibrational sum-frequency generation (SFG) spectroscopy, time- and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (TR-ARPES), high-harmonic generation (HHG), and other applications. The detailed information and specifications of ORPHEUS-MIR can be found here.

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OPA ORPHEUS-MIR honored by Innovators Awards
Optical parametric amplifier ORPHEUS-MIR honored by Innovators Awards

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