22 June, 2019
22 Jun, 2019

New control platform for femtosecond lasers systems: unlocking new possibilities across the industry

LIGHT CONVERSION is excited to announce NEW UNIVERSAL laser control platform for all LIGHT CONVERSION released lasers starting from today. Platform includes laser user app – a unified way to control all lasers manufactured by LIGHT CONVERSION. The platform enables better integration with industry 4.0; preventative diagnostics and easier cross-platform system integration into various industrial equipment. Company offers a strong portfolio of femtosecond products: harmonic modules, OPAs, HARPIA spectrometers, TiPA and GECO autocorrelators. All LIGHT CONVERSION products can be customized and fine-tuned to meet the most demanding applications.


  • Increased maximum repetition rate for high power CARBIDE lasers.
  • High power CARBIDE includes a fs/ns switch. A fs laser now can be quickly switched to ns operation regime while maintaining the same beam quality and parameters. This eliminates the need of having 2 laser sources if ns applications are required.
  • Increased pulse energy and power for low power air-cooled CARBIDE lasers.
  • New PHAROS enclosure based on the universal control platform . All control electronics integrated into laser housing – external power supply and umbilical are no longer needed.
  • CARBIDE and PHAROS platforms now offers novel BiBurst functionality.
  • FEC (fast energy control) is released for high power CARBIDE laser enabling fast pulse energy modulation.
  • Low power CARBIDE lasers are now available in both air- and water-cooling modifications.
  • Increased output power and pulse energy for low power CARBIDE lasers.

Both PHAROS, the most versatile femtosecond laser amplifier on the market, and the ultra-compact CARBIDE feature market-leading output parameters along with a robust design attractive to both industrial and scientific customers. With major industrial customers operating in display, automotive, LED, medical device and other industries, PHAROS and CARBIDE reliability has been proven by hundreds of systems operating 24/7 in production environment. The lasers are mainly used for drilling and cutting of various metals, ceramics, sapphire and glass, material ablation for mass-spectrometry. Customers always find new ways for PHAROS and CARBIDE to make existing manufacturing processes more efficient.

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