30 May, 2023
30 May, 2023

Manufacturing process of femtosecond lasers

LIGHT CONVERSION released the video, where the manufacturing facilities and the intricate process of making cutting-edge femtosecond lasers are shown.

Take a moment to notice how many talented and dedicated people touch the different components of a single laser, how they shape and transform the raw materials into a high-end product. The process is arranged and inspired by our researchers and innovators who work behind the scenes on the development and improvement of our products and the production line.

All the critical components are manufactured in our own facility. Starting with special mechanical parts, electronics and ending with complex optical assemblies. Even some of the manufacturing equipment is designed and built in house to address a specific challenge and satisfy the demanding production quality requirements.

Every single detail of the manufacturing process gets so much attention, so many tests are put in place to assure high quality and precision. In-house designed and produced mechanical parts are being checked right after manufacturing, tests in high-stress conditions are performed for electronics. Various long-term, thermal cycling and vibrational tests are executed for assembled lasers and laser systems.

This contributes to the exceptional quality and stability of the LIGHT CONVERSION femtosecond systems.

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