12 October, 2020
12 Oct, 2020

2020 Laser Focus World Innovators Awards

LIGHT CONVERSION announced today that its two products — CARBIDE 80 W, 800 µJ laser with BiBurst and Industrial Grade Optical Parametric Amplifier I-OPA — are recognized among the best by the 2020 Laser Focus World Innovators Awards.

LIGHT CONVERSION is recognized by an esteemed and experienced panel of judges from the optics and photonics community as a Platinum and Gold honoree. It is the first time in the Laser Focus World Innovators Awards history that one company has been awarded the Laser Focus World Platinum and Gold honoree status at the same time.

“We are deeply honored and pleased to receive the prestigious Laser Focus World awards! It is always exciting when recognition comes for a large team effort, and often a struggle, which ultimately boils down to new products. We sincerely believe that our industrial-grade I-OPA solutions will open new frontiers in tunable-wavelength femtosecond laser applications, whilst our high-power, high-energy CARBIDE laser, with the flexible BiBurst function, will become the new industry standard for micromachining applications!”, – says LIGHT CONVERSION CEO Martynas Barkauskas.

The CARBIDE 80 W, 800 µJ laser with BiBurst option is announced as the Platinum Honoree. The Platinum Honoree recognizes innovation, characterized by a groundbreaking approach to meeting a need, and a new level of performance, efficiency, ease-of-use, or other beneficial qualities.


Ultra-compact and cost-efficient CARBIDE features market-leading output parameters and a robust design that is attractive to both industrial and scientific customers. With major industrial customers operating in the display, automotive, LED, medical device and other industries, the reliability of CARBIDE has been proven by hundreds of production environment systems operating 24/7. BiBurst option lasers are used mainly for drilling and cutting of various metals, ceramics, sapphire, and glass, as well as material ablation for mass-spectrometry, and many other applications.


The judges announced Industrial-Grade Optical Parametric Amplifier I-OPA as the Gold Honoree. The Gold Honoree recognizes excellent innovation with clear benefits. A Gold-level Innovators Award recipient makes a substantial improvement over previous methods employed, approaches taken, or products/systems used.

The I-OPA series of optical parametric amplifiers marks a new era of simplicity in the world of tunable wavelength femtosecond light sources. Based on ten years of experience producing the ORPHEUS series of optical parametric amplifiers, this solution brings together the flexibility of tunable wavelength with a robust, industrial-grade design. Coupled with the PHAROS and CARBIDE series femtosecond lasers, the intended use of I-OPA is primarily in applications that demand high stability, such as spectroscopy and microscopy. Regarding the latter, combined with an automated compressor for a group delay dispersion compensation, I-OPA provides a unique and complete solution for multiphoton microscopy.

Detailed descriptions can be found here: CARBIDE with BiBurst and I-OPA.

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