01 April, 2022
01 Apr, 2022

FLINT oscillators extend the repetition rate options

LIGHT CONVERSION’s FLINT femtosecond oscillators provide state-of-the-art output parameters. Backed by the proven industrial-grade design at the core of the PHAROS and CARBIDE laser series, FLINT oscillators ensure excellent performance and stability over a long time period. Now, FLINT standard and short-pulse configurations come in multiple repetition rates to fit the needs of most industrial and scientific applications, such as volume modification of transparent media, photopolymerization, advanced nonlinear microscopy, and optogenetics.

The latest FLINT-FL2 oscillators offer output power up to 20 W, pulse energy up to 0.6 µJ, and pulse duration down to 50 fs at repetition rates of 11, 20, 40, or 76 MHz. The second harmonic is also available with an automated and fully integrated harmonic generator, while the third and fourth harmonic is obtainable with an external harmonic generator. The FLINT-FL1 oscillators support carrier-envelope phase (CEP) stabilization or repetition rate locking (RRL) to an external source with repetition rate selection from 60 to 100 MHz.

FLINT-FL2 femtosecond oscillator with 11, 20, 40, or 76 MHz output

In summary, FLINT now offers the following key features:

  • 11, 20, 40, and 76 MHz (FL2) or 60 – 100 MHz (FL1)
  • Sub-50 fs pulse duration
  • Up to 0.6 µJ pulse energy
  • Up to 20 W output power
  • Industrial-grade design
  • CEP stabilization
  • Repetition rate locking to an external source

FLINT product manager Marius Bardauskas has expressed great excitement with this development “We are happy to announce the news on the FLINT series; thus, offering a wider range of parameters for our clients and, subsequently, enabling many exciting applications.”

For more information visit FLINT webpage or contact sales@lightcon.com.

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