11 June, 2019
11 Jun, 2019

CARBIDE is available with higher pulse energies and repetition rates

The largest manufacturer of femtosecond optical parametric amplifiers (OPAs) and non-collinear OPAs Lithuania based company LIGHT CONVERSION launched latest ultra-compact and cost-efficient CARBIDE product updates.

CARBIDE features market-leading output parameters along with a robust design attractive to both industrial and scientific customers. With major industrial customers operating in display, automotive, LED, medical device and other industries CARBIDE reliability has been proven by hundreds of systems operating 24/7 in production environment. The lasers are mainly used for drilling and cutting of various metals, ceramics, sapphire and glass, material ablation for mass-spectrometry. Moreover, CARBIDE lasers always enable our customers to discover more efficient manufacturing processes.

UPDATES to high power CARBIDE:

  • Increased maximum repetition rate.
  • Novel BiBurst technology.
  • A fs/ns switch. A fs laser now can be quickly switched to ns operation regime while maintaining the same beam quality and parameters. This eliminates the need of having 2 laser sources if ns application is required.
  • FEC (fast energy control) enabling pulse to pulse energy modulation.

UPDATES to low power air-cooled CARBIDE:

  • Now available in both air- and water-cooled versions.
  • Increased pulse energy and power.

Detailed CARBIDE description can be found here.

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