28 February, 2022
28 Feb, 2022

28 years in business

On the 28th of February, LIGHT CONVERSION marks its 28th birthday. We thank our colleagues and partners for their continuing dedication and commitment, and this year instead of celebrating, we decided to donate to Ukraine.
LIGHT CONVERSION has always been years ahead of its time, inspiring and implementing innovations that ultimately produce femtosecond laser solutions for our customers today.
The next important milestone for the company is opening a brand new 11,200 sq. m laser facility in June this year. It will significantly expand our production and research capabilities for industrial and medical applications.
Here at LIGHT CONVERSION, we are all ready to continue strengthening the company and making it unique in our industry.

The business was born out of research work developing innovative light technology. Four physicists founded a company that has been putting Lithuania’s name and the achievements of the researchers working at it on the map for twenty-eight years already with its work.

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