Stainless steel polishing is a finishing technique to achieve a specific or unique finish to a metal surface.

Stainless steel is a widely used alloy with rust-free and heat-resistant properties. Various applications, from consumer electronics to medical tools manufacturing, use stainless steel. Femtosecond lasers can engrave numerous types of stainless steel and change its surface properties.

Ultrashort pulsed laser radiation forms a typical micro-cone structure. The measured roughness of the structure is Sa approx. 6 µm, Sq approx. 8 µm and Sz over 30 µm. As a result, the bottom of the structure looks dark grey and does not have a metallic shine. It is possible to completely smooth the micro-cone structure by subsequent smoothing with GHz burst mode. This smoothing results in roughness with Sa and Sq below 0.2 µm and Sz below 2 µm.

  • Tunable pulse duration, 190 fs – 20 ps
  • Maximum output of 120 W and 2 mJ
  • Single-shot – 2 MHz repetition rate
  • Pulse-on-demand and BiBurst for pulse control
  • Up to 5th harmonic or tunable extensions
  • Air-cooled model
  • Compact industrial-grade design
  • Tunable pulse duration, 100 fs – 20 ps
  • Maximum pulse energy of up to 4 mJ
  • Down to < 100 fs right at the output
  • Pulse-on-demand and BiBurst for pulse control
  • Up to 5th harmonic or tunable extensions
  • CEP stabilization or repetition rate locking
  • Thermally-stabilized and sealed design

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