Glass is an inorganic, solid material that is brittle yet hard at the same time. Numerous applications use drilled glass. This delicate material can be met in customer electronics, medical, automotive, aerospace, and many other industries. 

Glass is a widely used material, not only for consumer electronics. Processing (cutting or micro-structuring) tempered or non-tempered, flexible, or thick glass with high precision can be a challenging task. Mesh glass wafers and wafers for wafer-level-packaging (WLP) require various shapes of through-holes with high aspect ratio channels in the same wafer. Femtosecond lasers are perfect for both selective laser etching (SLE) and 5-axis drilling heads. 

The CARBIDE laser is a common choice for SLE and glass drilling applications.

  • 190 fs – 20 ps tunable pulse duration
  • 2 mJ maximum pulse energy
  • 80 W maximum output power
  • Single-shot – 2 MHz repetition rate
  • BiBurst
  • Air-cooled version
  • Burst-in-burst capability – BiBurst
  • 1 kHz – 2 MHz carrier frequency
  • 190 fs – 20 ps tunable pulse duration
  • Adjustable intra-burst amplitude slope
  • Adjustable number of pulses in GHz and MHz burst