Glass is a hard yet fragile and delicate material. Thus only the correct tool will reveal its full potential.

Glass is a widely used material, not only for consumer electronics. Processing (cutting or micro-structuring) tempered or non-tempered, flexible, or thick glass with high precision can be a challenging task. 

PHAROS or CARBIDE lasers are the most common choice for glass cutting systems builders (quartz, fused silica, borofloat, soda lime, alkali-free boroaluminosilicate, aluminosilicate). When equipped with BiBurst these lasers offer another degree of freedom to improve the process speed and quality. 

  • 100 fs – 20 ps tunable pulse duration
  • 4 mJ maximum pulse energy
  • 20 W maximum output power
  • Single-shot – 1 MHz repetition rate
  • BiBurst
  • Automated harmonic generators (up to 5th harmonic)
  • 190 fs – 20 ps tunable pulse duration
  • 2 mJ maximum pulse energy
  • 80 W maximum output power
  • Single-shot – 2 MHz repetition rate
  • BiBurst
  • Air-cooled version
  • Burst-in-burst capability – BiBurst
  • 1 kHz – 2 MHz carrier frequency
  • 190 fs – 20 ps tunable pulse duration
  • Adjustable intra-burst amplitude slope
  • Adjustable number of pulses in GHz and MHz burst