. SHBC-515 Second Harmonic Bandwidth Compressor.

Second Harmonic Bandwidth Compressor



  • 515 nm
  • 10 cm-1 output pulse bandwidth
  • 30 % conversion efficiency
  • Can be used to pump ORPHEUS-PS


PHAROS harmonics generators product line features Second Harmonic Bandwidth Compressor abbreviated as SHBC. Device is dedicated for the formation of narrow bandwidth picosecond pulses from broadband output of femtosecond laser.

In PHAROS platform SHBC is used to create flexible setups providing fixed wavelength or tunable narrow bandwidth ps pulses in combination with tunable wavelength broadband fs pulses. This feature is used in spectroscopy applications for mixing of wide and narrow bandwidth pulses such as sum frequency spectroscopy (SFG).

Output Characteristics
Parameter Value
Output wavelength 515 nm
Conversion efficiency > 30 %
Output pulse bandwidth < 10 cm-1

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. SHBC-515 Second Harmonic Bandwidth Compressor.