Two Independently Tunable Optical Parametric Amplifiers



  • Two OPA units in single compact housing
  • 210 nm – 16000 nm tunable wavelenght
  • Single pulse – 1 MHz repetition rate
  • Up to 20 W pump power
  • Up to 0.4 mJ pump energy (2 mJ upon request)


ORPHEUS‑Twins – two independently tunable optical parametric amplifiers designed for flexible pump parameters and OPA configuration. The two channels can be separately configured to be a version of either ORPHEUS, ORPHEUS‑ONE, ORPHEUS‑F or even ORPHEUS‑N.

Both OPA units are integrated into a single housing and share the same white light seed for amplification. The design of this OPA enables hands free wavelength tuning, optional automated wavelength separation and the possibility of generating broad band mid-infrared radiation, in the region of 4 µm – 16 µm, with a passively stable Carrier Envelope Phase (CEP).

Output from ORPHEUS-twins
Parameter Value
Tuning range Choice between ORPHEUS, ORPHEUS‑F or ORPHEUS‑ONE configurations.
Output pulse energy Depends on the configuration – check the specifications of the chosen models.
Pulse bandwidth Depends on configuration, up to 100 – 500 cm-1
Pulse duration Depends on configuration, down to 40 fs
Pump Laser Requirements

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