. HIRO Customizable Harmonic Generator.

Customizable Harmonics Generator for PHAROS, CARBIDE or FLINT



  • 515 nm, 343 nm and 257 nm
  • Easy switching between active harmonics
  • Simultaneus outputs available


HIRO is a valuable option for PHAROS and CARBIDE lasers and FLINT oscilla­tors that provides high power harmonics radiation at 515 nm, 343 nm and 258 nm wavelengths. We offer several standard HIRO models (with open prospect of future upgrades) which meet most users’ needs. The active harmonic is selected by manual rotation of the knob – changing the harmonics will never take longer than a few seconds thanks to its unique layout and housing construction.

HIRO is the most customizable and upgradable harmonics generator available on the market. It can be easily modified to provide white light continuum, beam splitting/expanding/down‑collimating options integrated in the same housing as well as harmonics splitting that makes all three harmonics available at a time.

Please contact Light Conversion for customized version of HIRO.

Output Characteristics (pumped by PHAROS or CARBIDE lasers)
Model PH1F1 PH1F2 PH1F3 PH1F4 PH_W1 Output polarization
Available outputs 2H (515 nm) 2H (515 nm)
4H (258 nm)
2H (515 nm)
3H (343 nm)
2H (515 nm)
3H (343 nm)
4H (258 nm)
any combination and white light continuum -
Conversion efficiency of 2H > 50 % > 50 % 1) H (V 2) )
Conversion efficiency of 3H > 25 % V (H 2) )
Conversion efficiency of 4H > 10 % > 10 % 1) 3) V (H 2) )
  1. 1) When the third harmonic is not in use.
  2. 2) Optional, depending on request.
  3. 3) Max. 1 W.
Output Characteristics (pumped by FLINT oscillators)

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. HIRO Customizable Harmonic Generator.