CEP, CFO, carrier envelope phase, carrier frequency offset. Femtosecond Oscillator FLINT.

Femtosecond Yb Oscillators



  • Sub‑80 fs without any additional pulse compressor
  • 75 nJ maximum pulse energy
  • 6 W output power
  • 76 MHz is standard


The FLINT oscillator is based on Yb:KGW crystal end-pumping by high brightness laser diode module. Generation of femtosecond pulses is provided by Kerr lens mode-locking, once started, modelocking remains stable over a long period of time and is immune to minor mechanical impact. The oscillator can be equipped with external electrooptical Pulse Picker and appropriate timing electronics allowing selection of a single pulse at repetition rates up to 100 kHz. Piezo-actuator can be implemented in customized oscillators in order to control the cavity length. FLINT oscillator can also be equipped with Carrier Envelope Phase (CEP) stabilization system.

Locking of the optical pulse to an external signal

Pharos oscillator can be equipped with piezo actuators for precise control of the cavity length. This feature allows to lock the optical pulse of the laser to an external signal with timing jitter <300 fs in the 10 Hz – 500 kHz frequency range.

Carrier Envelope Phase (CEP) stabilization

Pharos oscillator can be equipped with nonlinear interfero­meter and feedback loop throughout the pump current of the laser diode bar for CEP stabilization. The figure on the right shows typical measurement of power spectrum density and integrated CEP phase error. The integrated phase error is in the frequency range from 50 Hz to 10 MHz is <70 mrad (in loop measurement).

Output Characteristics
MODEL Flint 1.0 Flint 2.0 Flint 4.0 Flint 6.0 Flint SP
Max. average power > 1 W > 2 W > 4 W > 6 W > 600 mW
Pulse duration (assuming Gaussian pulse shape) < 80 fs < 100 fs < 40 fs
Pulse energy > 12 nJ > 25 nJ > 50 nJ > 75 nJ > 7 nJ
Repetition rate 76 ± 0.5 MHz 1)
Centre wavelength 1035 ± 10 nm 2)
Output pulse‑to‑pulse stability < 0.5 % rms over 24 hours 3)
Polarization Linear, horizontal
Beam pointing stability < 10 µrad/°C
Beam quality TEM00; M2 < 1.2
Optional 2H generator > 30 % conversion efficiency at 517 nm
  1. 1)Other repetition rates are available in the range from 64 MHz to 84 MHz.
  2. 2)The center wavelength can be specified with tolerance ±2 nm for customized oscillators.
  3. 3)With power lock on under stable environment.
Environmental & Utility Requirements
  • Seeding Yb/Nd based ultrashort pulse laser amplifiers
  • THz generation
  • Two‑photon polymerization
  • Non‑linear microscopy
  • Seeding CEP stabilized laser sources
  • Pumping of femtosecond OPO
Automated Second Harmonic Generator
CEP Stabilization
Repetition Rate Stabilization

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CEP, CFO, carrier envelope phase, carrier frequency offset. Femtosecond Oscillator FLINT.